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Hi Everyone, I'm Kim.


Thank you so for supporting my soft furnishing classes, in my very own brand-new space!


The classes are open to anyone with an interest in the subject, regardless of your own interpretation of your ability. The classes are small, but generally have a good mix of abilities. This helps existing learners grow in confidence, and believe in their ability to help people new to the subject. This also enables new learners to see what can be achieved from someone who has been in their shoes.

I have always supported and encouraged everyone to have a go at anything they want to make, whether it is a piped cushion or full length lined & interlined curtains, with a pinch pleated heading. ANYTHING is possible.


A bit about me

I began my life in soft furnishings, a lifetime ago in a beautiful interior design shop called the Tarrystone, in Chobham Surrey in 1979. After a while myself and a colleague left, to set up a curtain making business for ourselves. We had a wonderful time, working for  fabulous people, who had beautiful houses. We enjoyed visiting clients in the home counties, London, and as far afield as Cheshire.


My teaching career began in 1995, and it was all happened quite by chance. I had 26 happy years working for Surrey Adult Learning, then that came to an end, and now I'm teaching for myself. I can't believe I was there so long. The time has flown by so quickly.  I am lucky to still have contact with many of my original learners, some of whom are supporting me now.


I also wanted to tell you how much I am looking forward to our classes starting next week !

My classes have always been relaxed and friendly. You learn at your own pace, completing as much as want to in class, and hopefully give you the skills to do some at home if you want to. That being said, the "curtain helpline" is an extended security blanket.

I had better tell  you about the important things regarding my lovely space. I have tea and coffee making facilities, a fridge in case you stay all day and need to bring lunch. I also need to tell you what else will be available. I keep a selection of workroom tools, ie metre sticks, rulers, T squares table clamps, table weights etc. There are a couple of sewing machines available, should you need one. Many people bring their own because they are familiar with them.


I also keep a wide selection of workroom supplies, including linings, interlinings, bonded linings, heading tapes, hooks, rings, feather cushion pads & head rails for roman blinds.

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